Portfolio Shortcodes

The portfolio shortcode makes it easy for you to create an unlimited number of portfolios. Use the folder icon in the text editor to insert the portfolio shortcode:


When you insert the portfolio shortcode, you should see the following:

[symple_portfolio count="-1" columns="3" pagination="false" lightbox_only="false" thumbnail_crop="true" thumbnail_hard_crop="true" thumbnail_width="450" thumbnail_height="350" title="true" excerpt="true" excerpt_length="15" read_more="false" category_id="" tag_id="" filter=""]

Edit the parameters to create any number of beautiful portfolios.

Customizable Parameters

  • count: set the number of portfolio items to show on a page (or use -1 to show them all)
  • columns: set the number of columns (1-4)
  • pagination: set to “true” if you would like to paginate your portfolio
  • lightbox_only: set to “true” to show only lightbox style portfolio posts
  • thumbnail_crop: set to “true” to crop the thumbnail, otherwise the full size image will be used
  • thumbnail_hard_crop: set to “false” if you want a masonry style portfolio, or set to “true” to crop square portfolio thumbnail images
  • thumbnail_width: set a custom thumbnail image width
  • thumbnail_height: set a custom thumbnail image height
  • title: set to “true” to show the portfolio post titles
  • excerpt: set to “true” to show excerpts for the portfolio posts
  • excerpt_length: set the number of words to show for each excerpt
  • read_more: set to “true” to show a read more link
  • category_id: show only portfolio items from a specific category by referencing the category id number
  • tag_id: show only portfolio items with a specific tag by referencing the tag id tag
  • filter: set the filter to “category” or “tag” to filter the portfolio, otherwise just leave it blank


Example With Custom Image Height: