Staff Shortcodes

The staff shortcode is a great way to introduce clients to your staff members on any page. Just insert your staff shortcode using the person icon in the text editor:


When you click on the icon the following default shortcode should be automatically inserted:

[symple_staff count="-1" columns="3" pagination="false" thumbnail_crop="true" thumbnail_hard_crop="true" thumbnail_width="450" thumbnail_height="350" title="true" excerpt="true" excerpt_length="15" read_more="false" category_id="" tag_id=""]

Now you can adjust the parameters to create your ideal staff section on any page.

Customizable Parameters

  • count: set the number of staff members to show per page (or use -1 to show them all)
  • columns: set the number of columns
  • pagination: set to “true” to paginate based on your count above, or “false” for one page
  • thumbnail_crop: set to “true” to crop images or else the full size will be used
  • thumbnail_hard_crop: use “true” to create even sized staff thumbnails, or “false” for a masonry look
  • thumbnail_width: set a custom thumbnail image width
  • thumbnail_height: set a custom thumbnail image height
  • title: set this to “true” to show the staff member’s name and title
  • excerpt: set this to “true” to show a post excerpt
  • excerpt_length: set the number of words for your excerpt
  • read_more: set this to “true” if you would like to show a read more link
  • category_id: use this to select only staff members from a specific category
  • tag_id: use this to select only staff members with a specific tag


AJ Clarke
Kyla Glover
Matt Tucker
Tayler Clarke
Pippin Williamson
Tiffany Carson
Ella Smith
Frank Holston