Boxes, Buttons & Social Icons

Boxes (Alerts)

Use boxes to add emphasis or create callouts on any page. They’re a great way to catch readers’ attention! And you can add the “extended” class to make the box full-width.

There are lots of colors to choose from…
…And you can easily change the alignment.
You can also adjust the width.
Boxes are fun!
You can nest other shortcodes here too!


If you need a button just use the shortcode! There are so many colors to choose from, and you can set a custom border radius to create varying degrees of rounded edges.

Gray Black Red Orange Blue Rosy Pink Green Brown Purple Gold Teal Navy
0px Border Radius 2px Border Radius 10px Border Radius 99px Border Radius

Social Icons

Social Icons are an easy way for readers to get in touch with you. Add icons for people to follow you with our hand dandy shortcodes.